Membership Agreement and terms of use

Initially My-Addr Project was created as site with few pages and only for our use, that allow to see IP information, ping, trace and some dns tools. It happens because of terrible amount of pop-ups and advertisements on related sites. Few month later we understand that our site is useful not only for us, but also for big number of other Internet customers and we start to create more and more free tools. Some tools require lots of sources that are not free, that is why we also created some non-free services. We do not try to earn 1 million per 1 month and always providing the most cheapest prices in Internet. Internet – it is future of humans and we trying to make it better!
All content, text, images, data, information and other material displayed, available or present on My-Addr Project's sites ("Content"), including any intellectual property rights in such Content (including without limitation trademarks and copyrights) , are the property of My-Addr Project, its affiliates, its licensors or the designated owners, and are protected by applicable intellectual property laws.
Customer's content
All content, text, images, data, information and other material that uploaded to My-Addr Project site by customer ("Customer's Content") stay belong customer who uploaded it, but customer authorizing/permit us to use it:
1) for processing on related service
2) for detailed investigation if customer asking us any questions related to processing results
3) for improving our service but without share or sell Customer's Content
Biggest part of our services do not saving Customer's Content after processing, other part of services deleting content after fixed time or when customer will use “delete” button. We do not trying to collect tons of Customer's Content, we always trying to delete content that is already processed and do not useful for customer who uploaded it!
There are no hidden tricks, you can really trust to My-Addr Project because we already working more than 10 years and it never was that somebody wrote us abuse about illegal usage of Customer's Content.
What we require from our customers
1) Do not hurt My-Addr Project
2) Do not hurt other Internet resources and customers with using My-Addr Project or data extracted from My-Addr Project.
3) Do not use our project or data extracted from My-Addr Project for any type of illegal activity.
4) Automatic access (bots/scripts/programs) is allowed only to API and denied for other part of our pages.
5) You can use screenshot or part of our Content on other sites, but only with including link to our site.
Accuracy of our services, tools, data and information
My-Addr Project consist of lots of services and tools, we really trying to keep it up to date, but there is no guaranty that our results are 100% correct. But we working more than ten years and customers who using My-Addr Project during more than three years define our accuracy is 96%+. Pls do not trust to services that saying “we providing 100% accuracy” because this is not possible if customer's data is different. For example, we can say that our gmail accuracy is 100%, but what about other 100millions of email providers?! We thinking that our service are really good, because we receiving negative feedbacks very rarely.
My-Addr account & profile
We do not require from customer to fill his profile (that located on, or if customer going to fill his profile – valid data is also optional. Pls note that if you using invalid email – account can be removed even for no reason. We allow customer to have more than one My-Addr account, but only if customer do not trying to do “tricks”.
We never sharing information about registered or not registered customer, except situation when such person not following our terms of use or related with any type of illegal activity.
Pls note that this document can be changed, but if you keep using My-Addr Project – it means that you agree with our terms of use.